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Plot for sale in Vijayawada

Open Plot
183 Sq.Yds
0 Beds
0 Full

About This Listing

Sri Bhramara Twnships has launched a new CRDA Apprved Gated Cmmunity Open Plts Venture in Pranki, Bandar Rad. This lcatin is mainly lcated n Bandar Rad which is pllutin free, greenery, and majr educatinal institutins are established. Bandar Rad has gd cnnectivity with Hyderabad and this rad is als a Natinal Highway 65. Bhramara Twnships Venture is just 2 KM frm Bandar Rad. This venture has 50&rsqu; apprach rad. All the Black Tp Rads are 40&rsqu;. Bhramara Twnships   Venture is the nly venture in Vijayawada with a Club Huse, Swimming Pl, Open Gym, Indr Games, Avengers Park, Perglas, Temple Theme Park, and Jgging Track. The life Bhramara Twnships   Venture will be the best in Vijayawada. Bhramara Twnships   Venture has great scpe fr price appreciatin. Residents with schl, Cllege ging children can chse this lcatin t build their wn dream huse. Large number f Educatinal Institutins, Engineering Clleges, and Hspitals are lcate in Bandar Rad. Rund the clck public and private transprtatin facility is available. Bhramara Twnships   Venture takes care f the future generatin safety in terms f Water preservatin thrugh Rain Water harvesting pits. Mdern safety systems like Under Grund Drainage, Under Grund Cabling fr Electricity will keep the ambiance f the venture. Bhramara Twnships   Venture is secured with Gate, Entrance Arch, and Cmpund wall with slar fencing. The weather in Bhramara Twnships   Venture is prtected thrugh beautifully designed landscaping gardens. Bhramara Twnships   Venture is als secured with CCTV Camera Surveillance. All the plts in Bhramara Twnships   Venture are East and west Face plts keeping the 100% Vaasthu. Each plt in Bhramara Twnships   Venture is prvided with a water tap cnnectin frm Over Head tank. All the plts in Bhramara Twnships   Venture will be placed with the name bard f the wner fr easy identificatin. The title f the prperty is clear and legally valid in all aspects. Bhramara Twnships   Venture als prvides the facility t avail the bank lan t buyers f the plts. 

The Paradise Husing is a well-cnnected destinatin t all srts f transprt; industrial, educatinal, medical and residential areas. Entering this cmmunity is next t entering a green heaven. All the mdern amenities and well-planned design make this place ne&rsqu;s dream destinatin. While giving ur custmers state-f-the-art facilities, we als care fr the nature by cnstructing rainwater harvesting pits, slar light systems, etc.


Layut Specificatins

Lcated within 2 kilmeters frm Bandar Rad

Clse prximity t the rad, rail and air transprt

100% vaasthu cmpliant

100% clear title; immediate registratin

Layut as per AMRDA nrms

Pllutin-free, green lcatin with avenue plantatin

Slar lighting

Wide black tp rads

Well-facilitated clubhuse

Private resrt & swimming pl

Open gym, jgging track, & vast children&rsqu;s park

Water pipeline & Overhead tank

Rainwater harvesting pits

Undergrund drainage & Sewage treatment

24/7 security with CCTV surveillance

Plts with name bards

Best quality fixtures, prducts, interirs frm reputed brands


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  • Property Id:NESA35654273
  • Area:183 Sq.Yds
  • Bathrooms:0
  • Bedrooms:0
  • Car Parkings:0
  • Price: 1 Lacs
  • Type:Open Plot
  • Google Plus Code : Not Available

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