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About Us

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Our Company Story

nearestate.in is India’s first Hybrid & blockchain powered property marketplace. nearestate.in aim is to provide most authentic, meticulous, fast and free information about properties to our users and connect buyers to sellers.

Our search service is available to users through multiple platforms, such as the telephone (voice) & internet (Online portal).

We believe that our search service bridges the gap between buyers and sellers by helping buyers to find their dream properties quickly while helping sellers to market their properties.

How it all began
It all started a couple of years ago, when the founder of nearestate.in, upon his return from Australia, began looking for a property to purchase. As he searched and enquired, he was led through numerous erroneous trails and lost a substantial amount of time, money and energy, resulting in severe vexation and disappointment. It took scores of personal visits to every lane and property to find the right one. It was several weeks of continuous searches and follow-ups that finally yielded the desired result. There was no convenience in this form of approach.

It was then that an idea dawned upon him about exploring an untapped business opportunity that possessed potential beyond all expectations. He realized that information was scarce and reaching it was truly cumbersome. He quickly embarked on a study to know relevant statistics related to real estate.

Based on his research he discovered that only about one third of the information on properties was available on both the websites and newspapers. The internet while being an outstanding information medium, unfortunately sellers haven’t utilized it due to filling long list of questions while listing a property. A lot many properties were not advertised at all due to this main reason, hence a great many properties remained unknown or unseen. And since a majority of sellers didn't use the self listing to websites, the information available on them was mostly unseen.

Then came the thought that the most comfortable reach of information to property enquirers could be through multiple mediums such as telephone and internet, which is an indispensable Hybrid communication platform for everyone. It is far easier to list a property information through your phone. This idea paved way for the birth of nearestate.in.

The idea though sounds simple, encompasses a voluminous and a multitude of tasks, heavy investments, a wide network and a fool-proof mechanism. The Founder then bootstrapped the concept from scratch. The select few that have now formed the core team of nearestate.in are now on full throttle and the project has taken off on a magnificent scale. The idea took off well and within a few months the company reached its milestone of 25% listings. The scale of the prospect in this venture is humungous, but the task is gargantuan too.

nearestate.in Team now also planning to expand the current two platforms to Help Desk Outlets and Exclusive real estate classifieds paper to bring every property information from nuke and corner of the country. With this kind of Hybrid platform nearestate.in aiming to hold a 75% available property data of the country.

Anyone desirous of knowing about properties need to make a single phone call and speak to our Call center Executive who gives best property information based on your requirement which gives best satisfaction rather than any chat or email, or just logon to nearsstate.in website, based on the criteria provided, you will get best information on available properties which is most accurate and reliable information.

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